I was able to compile and run Blender 2.68 on Ubuntu L4T 14.04 in case anyone needs it.

I noticed a few people gave it a shot and wherent able to get it to run, I have placed it in Mega.nz. I applied Bruno d’Arcangeli (arcangeli)'s Tegra K1 patches from here: https://developer.blender.org/T42174 and installed libopencolorio and libopenimageio from the Debian repos.
I havent bundled this Blender in to a deb file and if anyone has or would like to then that would be more convenient. Once untared… blender is in /blender/blender

You guys can download it here.

Mega Decryption Key:

could you show me how to do this for the tx2 im running into the same problems you seemed to have faced.