I wonder which NVMe SSD should I buy for Jetson Nano

Hi, I am new here, and I buy a carrier board for Jetson Nano. It has a M.2 Key M NVMe SSD interface, and I found that Nano only support PCIe 2.0(or Gen2) x1/2/4, so the maximum read/write rate is 2GB/s (or 2048M/s), right?

And in real work environment, the rate maybe only 1500-1800MB/s. So which SSD should I buy? The WD SN750 or Samsung 970 evo plus? They are all with PCIe 3.0 and the rate of read/write are all reached 3500MB/s.

I wonder know if I buy one of them, the maximum rate will also be 1500-1800MB/s, right? In this case, should I buy a PCIe 2.0 SSD(like Intel 660p or WD SN500, they are all reach 2200MB/s rate) or just buy the SSD with PCIe 3.0?

Please help me, thank you very much!

I don’t have good naswer, please do the search in forum to find more info as our reference.

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