I2C can send data but can't receive data

We design out carrier board of Xavier, it can send data to I2C slave device, but can’t receive data from slave device, does anyone know what I2C communication of Xavier needs to pay attation to, in terms of software driver and hardware ?

In addition:
Our Xavier carrier board have USB2.0/UART/NET/HDMI hardware interface, but only I2C could not work ?
Our Xavier carrier board supply power from external DC power , and delete PD power circuit and other interface.
The I2C slave device could communication with nano board normally.

Have you pobe to check if the device have ack?

Better check the I2C device on which bus? How about bus voltage level? Slave address conflict?
Check design guide about different I2C bus:

We use I2C2 and I2C4 to commuticate with slave device through voltage translator TXB0302, if slave device output low voltage, Xavier I2C_SDA voltage is 0.9V but not 0V, so we will replace another voltage translator for testing.

Does I2C2 and I2C4 can be used for peripheral slave device ?

Yes any bus can be used, just make sure voltage level work at expected logic level and device no conflict.