I2C not working properly in one Jetson AGX xavier

Hi, I am facing problem in I2C interface in Jetson AGX Xavier with a custom hardware. The hardware is working separately with other 3.3V interface system. AGX Xavier also detects other hardware demo board (DS1307 and AT24C32), but not working with hardware. The hardware uses I2C optical isolator (ADuM1250) to interact with other hardware in the system, which is 5V.

hello bnprakash4u,

may I know what’s your hardware connections, are you using the 40-pin expansion header? have you configure the pin settings through pinmux or Jetson-IO?

Hi I have used Jetson-IO. The same hardware is working with Jetson TX2 development board.

hello bnprakash4u,

may I also confirm which JetPack release you’re working with,
is it possible to probe the pin to ensure the signaling?

Jetpack 4.6.2

DS0002.BMP (1.4 MB)
DS0003.BMP (1.4 MB)
DS0004.BMP (1.4 MB)
DS0005.BMP (1.4 MB)
DS0001.BMP (1.4 MB)

hello bnprakash4u,

may I know which pin you’re used. and, please also share the configuration you’ve done with Jetson-IO.

Hi Jerry,
I have connected my hardware with Jetson AGX Xavier development board through the 40pin GPIO interface connector. I have tesed the same hardware with Jetson Tx2 development board which was working perfectly.
I have followed the below link


hello bnprakash4u,

which pin have this issue? are you using pin-3/5 or pin-27/28.

Hi, I have used pin 3 and 5.

please note there’s level shifter, both SDA and SCL pass through the level shifter.

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