IES light support in Omniverse?

hello, I’m exporting USD files from Houdini where I’m successfully using the IES profile on a light in the Karma renderer and then want to open the USD in omniverse to see the lighting. However, while the .ies file is attached to the shaping section of the light, it causes the light to be completely dark. When I disable the File from the shaping section on the light in omniverse the light functions as I would expect. I know the .ies file works since I am using it successfully in Houdini. Are IES profiles supported in Omniverse RTX path tracing mode?

Hi @jdoublestein

Thanks for posting. We have some basic support for IES profiles so we’d be interested in looking at your example. Would you be able to post a USD with the IES file?

Recently we’ve made some improvements but it’s not yet in a public release.