Image based OTA, location of tools


I am trying to follow:
In order to perform image based OTA, there is a mentioning of “ota_tools__aarch64.tbz2” but I can’t find it in the BSP files (Linux_for_Tegra) of the latest l4t 32.6.1, only the decompressed folder.

Also my interest in image-based OTA is especially for doing 3.3 to 4.6.1 upgrades so I will need the ota_tools of 3.3 or 4.6.1?

Found the link, it is in the JetPack page under tools, direct link:

My question still stands about which OTA tools I need to ugprade from JP 3.3 to 4.6.1?

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Only 4.6.1 has the ota upgrade tool.

JP3.3. is a old release that does not have such new tool.

OK, so looking at the Ota tools for 4.6.1 (32.6.1) I see that there are configs for upgrade from 28.x branch so that should do the trick, thank you!

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