Image Based OTA Support on ORIN-AGX


I noticed while testing the Image Based OTA method from 35.3.1 → 35.4.1 that the EMMC update will only work when downgrading the EMMC_CFG .xml to 35.3.1 because of the extra UDA partition. This may be minor as the UDA partition seems optional.

I also noticed that NVME updating will fail when installing a package build without specifying an external device and found that in the Developer Guide Nvidia only supports that for the jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc config.

I’m just checking before moving forward whether NVMe updates have been tested/verified by Nvidia on Orin-AGX from 35.3.1-35.4.1. Are you planning on implementing this in the future?

The ethernet ports also appear to be down on the orin-agx when in the recovery OS, has the ORIN-AGX been verified for networking in the recovery OS?