Image-Based Over-the-Air Update to upgrade TX2 from jetpack4.3 to jetpack4.6

I used Image-Based Over-the-Air Update to upgrade jetpack4.3 to jetpack4.6. I followed the steps in the official document step by step, and finally found that Tx2 would keep restarting and it was a black screen. The following is the log from the serial port, please help me to find out where the problem is? thanks
putty.log (220.4 KB)

hello 18916135705,

did you manage DHCP by yourself? it’s the network service to crash the system.
for example,

Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Client 4.3.3
ERROR: wlan0: timeout for obtaining IP address through DHCP
ERROR: Network(ethernet & wireless) is not available, rebooting system
Failed to run "enable_remote_access"
Rebooting system ...

I used Updating Jetson Linux with Image-Based Over-the-Air Update to upgrade. Does the device need to be connected to the Internet in this way?

hello 18916135705,

you’ll need connected to the internet in order to Over-the-Air Update the target.
however, if you don’t have network enabled, please see-also Topic 186110 for the patch to modify the

How to find the script? I didn’t find it, thanks for the reply.

hello 18916135705,

had you install the JetPack release image to your local host machine with NVIDIA SDK Manager?
it’ll also download the necessary script file, the default path is looking like below.

I am planning to upgrade TX2 from Jetpack4.3 to Jetpack4.6. I have modified the script to regenerate the ota_payload_package.tar.gz.
putty1.log is the log printed under Trigger the OTA Process and Steps Performed on the Jetson Device.
putty1.log (44.0 KB)

putty2.log is the log printed after restarting TX2 after completing Trigger the OTA Process and Steps Performed on the Jetson Device version.
putty2.log (169.5 KB)

There are also pictures taken during the restart of the TX2.

Why is there such a situation after the Jetpack version is upgraded: only the basic image has been refreshed without the Jetpack version, and the original system image has disappeared.
Please support me, thank you very much!

I had this problem in step 12. I found that after this step, my previous image file changed from 25G to 5.9G. Why does the basic recovery image generate in step 12? What should I do with my own image? manage? After the ota_payload_package.tar.gz package generated in step 13 triggers the OTA process on the target and reboots, it is found that a basic image has been flashed.
Looking forward to reply, thanks!

hello 18916135705,

that’s due to environment setups, please complete that on the target side.
please also check developer guide, Skipping oem-config. you may run the host script before you flash to make the first-time boot process skip it.
for example, $ -n nvidia -p nvidia -a ‑‑accept-license

there’s a note below step-13,

Steps 12 and 13 use the Jetson Linux sample rootfs from Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/ to build the recovery kernel and recovery DTB and OTA package.
If you have customized the sample rootfs, for example, you must add required libraries and binaries into the rootfs, apply them before running this script.
You must put the OTA tool package and OTA payload package on to your own OTA server to implement a complete OTA solution.

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