Can we make it happen that tx2 itself upgrade system from Jetpak3.1 to Jetpack4.2 ?

Hello,I want to know is there any way to upgrade tx2 system with only itself,like OTA.
At present,we backup system binaries and restore them manually to flash the board,our early products system is Jetpack3.1 and alreay in the hands of customers and is very necessary update to Jetpack4.2

Hi suchb,

There is no OTA function at current JetPack, and we will implement this feature at coming release.
However you will still need to migrate on this new version, then can do the OTA upgrade afterward.

Hi kayccc,

Thanks for your information.

How to directly make TX2 enter boot recovery mode without press power and reset key?

TX2 on our product is placed in a closed box,only mirco usb port is exposed, is there any way to make updates work happen?

Looking forward your reply.



Thanks a lot.