Image Data conversion for CSI-2 input to Jetson Nano


I am trying to interface a custom camera and image sensor with the Jetson Nano Developer kit. The output is in a Camera Link format. Unfortunately I can’t natively convert the sensor output to CSI-2 in the main FPGA to directly interface with the Jetson Nano. Is anyone aware of any dedicated IC’s that might do this conversion ? I’m not finding much…

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Just as a followup (which maybe an entirely different question in itself) is it possible re-purpose the CSI-2 port on the Jentson Nano to allow for custom input data ? Naturally working within the IO standardsimplmented on the Jetson Nano development board. I’m more of a hardware engineer than software, but can the CSI-2 driver be rewritten to allow for a custom protocol to be used ? Or is it hardware limited ?

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Hi Jeff, the Jetson’s MIPI CSI camera interfaces are hardware dedicated to MIPI CSI, and they can’t be generally repurposed. Hence you would need a converter to get CameraLink into CSI format. FPGA IP blocks should be available for FPGA.

I recommend contacting a Jetson Ecosystem Camera Partner whom may have experience with CameraLink and CSI, like D-3 Engineering, AverMedia, e-Con Systems, Leopard Imaging, and ConnectTech:


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Could you able to solve the problem?

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