Using Nvidia Nano as an interface board

I would like to implement ML algorithms to the Ultrascale FPGAs for image processing Using MIPI. But to supply the camera data to the FPGA. I am planning to use CSI-2 port on Jetson nano and take the output from ethernet and feed it to FPGa via Ethernet. No Image processing should take place on nano board, this board should act as an interface board to camera and FPGA. Please let me know if its possible. I might be confusing as i am a new bie to this platform. Please ask me if you have any questions and please suggest me possible solutions.


A litter confuse for this descritption.

Interface board btwn cam and zedboard

I want to connect the camera in above hardware configuration. but i want to use jetson nano instead of the Pcam adapter interface board. the hardware connections to FPGA from nano board is Ethernet. the nano is connected to camera via CSI-2. I want to know wheather jetson nano can transfer the cam data to fpga without implemnting any ML algo in it. That is it has to act as interface board.

Do you mean like below?

camera --CSI–> Nano <–eth–> FPGA

yes i mean that. but the nano should not process any information only it has to act as interface board for data transmission.

VI mode(v4l2 interface) didn’t do any process that should be as your require.

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