MIPI camera interface for FPGA


I’m considering a way to develop a high frame rate, low latency (<10ms) video streaming system for an FPGA board (TI DLPLCRC410EVM) using a MIPI camera (IMX273) and Jetson nano or TX2.
Since the FPGA board doesn’t have any video interface but GPIO pins, data from Jetson board should be input through the GPIO pins.
I think I need to connect the GPIO pins of Jetson and the FPGA board physically by creating a connector conversion board ( with level shifter if necessary).
But since I have no experience of both software and hardware development, I cannot see if the above idea is possible.

MIPI—Jetson nano or TX2—GPIO of Jetson nano or TX2—connector conversion board—GPIO of a FPGA

Thank you.

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Have a check the camera design guide from the download center.
And GPIO pin only use to control the sensor power and reset if the FPGA doesn’t need those control you may ignore it.

Have reference to below document.


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