Custom MIPI CSI Driver

Hi, I like to develop a CSI driver for a custom sensor device that gives data through MIPI. What will be the right approach to get the raw data from CSI lanes?

Have a check below doc for sensor driver developer.

Thanks for the reply, The above links guides in processing of pixel data from camera sensor but the sensor which i like to interface won’t be a camera sensor but it will provide data through MIPI CSI lanes.

There’s no different. You can remove the specific function of the CMOS sensor.
You can reference to HDMI-IN chip tc358840 that is not common sensor.

I like to make changes in the MIPI capture logic,In which file the logic for MIPI receiver like LP line transitions monitoring and HS data capture lies?

Looks like there’s no this kind of function support.
You can check the TRM to confirm it. Current the driver only support streaming mode.