Import gltf

Hello Everyone
I Creat an OptixWhitted Program.I want to import a gltf in my Program,What should I do?I refer to OptixMeshViewer program, but I don’t know how to change it in my project

version:Optix 7.2,vs2019,Windows10

Hi there,

Are you having specific problems with the optixMeshViewer code? Are there any questions we can answer about it? Most of the GLTF loading structure in our SDK is inside the “sutil” library, so make sure you are following what’s going on there. We’ve separated things like GLTF loading into this library so that the sample code is smaller and easier to understand, so that files like optixMeshViewer.cpp mainly contains only the OptiX API calls that you’ll need to look at.

Supporting GLTF loading is definitely a little complicated, so it will take some effort to understand. In addition to reading the sutil library code, or as a complete alternative to looking at the OptiX example, you can read about the tinygltf library for loading the data:

This might help you separate your code into two steps - 1) first figure out how to load the GLTF data into your program, and 2) then figure out how to pass the data to OptiX.