Import USD files to isaac gym

Hi ,everyone. I 'm new about the isaac gym and I met a problem.

When I tried to import USD file into isaacgym,

asset_root = “…/…/assets”
asset_file = “playground_1.usd”
asset_options.fix_base_link = True
asset_options.armature = 0.01
panda_asset = gym.load_asset(sim, asset_root, asset_file,asset_options)

the error is ‘’ Failed to open stage’…/playgroud_1.usd’’’.

But in offical docs"assets", I saw this words, which provide the method to import USD file.

Is there something wrong here?
Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi there,

We have not put our focus recently on the USD importer, please try using URDF or MJCF asset formats for best support.