Importer for OpenSim biomechanical simulator

Hello everyone,

if I correctly understand that, so far, it is not possible to import OpenSim [1] models in a similar way to URDF and MJCF importers, then how may I implement a new importer for OpenSim models?


Many thanks in advance!

Hi @liscagheorghellr8j,

Your best bet would be to look at Isaac Sim for this kind of work. Isaac Sim is designed for extensibility, and there are example connectors you can use to do something like this. See here for more info: Connect Sample — Omniverse Connect documentation

Take care,

Hi Gav,

your advice is very helpful, and I am grateful for pointing out to me the connectors.


Did you find a solution to importing OpenSim models into Isaac Sim/Omniverse?


Nope, and I didn’t have time to try harder to find one.