Impressive Hardware, BUT...

Nvidia has created an impressive and very inspiring HW product…

Unfortunately, the SW, documentation, and support available are far from the level of this 2019’s HW.

Nvidia, I hope this message is passed to the executive levels. They need to know that some serious entrepreneurs and developers are in shock to discover that the SW of this phenomenal HW relays mostly on the opensource community to do the job that nVidia should be doing. Unfortunately, this path is a very long process and out of the scope of a commercial product of the level of this HW. The Jetson Nano is not a Raspberry pie 4 competitor. The JN is a new league, and we love it.

The second part that is hard to understand is why nVidia didn’t choose to adopt a mature Opensource project such as FFMPEG.

After playing with the HW for several weeks for several hours each day, I noticed that the product is far from stable. (Alpha level from my experience). The problem is that when someone brings this “alpha level stuff issue” to the attention to nVidia, the answer is deflected to “… is a problem of other open source components YOU are using.” or denied and redirected to “contact sales” and request a “new feature,” or “please do it your self” and share the code with us. (That’s why we made it OpenSource :-) dear customer)

This note is made with profound respect to what appears to be an incredible and revolutionary HW product, BUT if the reality is that this product is just NO READY YET, please just let us know by calling it “Sneak Peek”, “SDK Alpha release” rather than to mislead our excitement, effort, money and time. If what you need is more expert hands, hire or get more experts on board, just focus on a better and fully descriptive documentation. If opensource is the path, lead the effort of each component and post it on GitLab or GitHub and support your followers with active development and clear milestones.

Please (nVidia SW group) don’t take the role of observers and lead us to the promise of this incredible product and vision.