Jetson Nano "versus" Qt Opensource licensing changes, no-win for Nano users

So hopefully someone from Nvidia can provide some clarity on this: Due to the new Qt opensource limitations regarding LTS releases (and offline installers, very important for Jetson installs), Nano platform users appear to be stuck between a rock and a hard place due to Nvidia’s continued use of Ubuntu 18.04 in L4T. As Qt, far and away, is the most modern and best-supported GUI toolkit for Python, being forced to rely on old, unsupported versions of Qt5 opensource when using Jetson Nano is a much-less-than-acceptable situation.

Can someone from Nvidia please reach out to Qt and at least try to come up with some kind of solution by which Jetson Nano users can continue to access offline installers for the more-recent, better-supported versions of opensource Qt (5.12 and beyond)? Or maybe provide some kind of repo support for arm64-built more-recent Qt5 offerings (so we’re not critically dependent on the offline installers)? If we’re stuck waiting until 2H2022 before getting a Qt6-compatible OS release, that’ll at least mitigate the Jetson-vs-Qt Opensource situation a bit.

We don’t enable QT by default and this would need community contribution for enabling it. Here is a related post:
PySide2 (Qt for python) installation on Jetson Xavier - #5 by Muscle_Oliver

The releases for Jetson Nano will be with Ubuntu 18.04. Currently there is no plan to upgrade to 20.04.

With all due respect, you either didn’t read or didn’t understand my message.

Your first point actually highlights the problem: It demonstrates how/why Nano is dependent on offline installers for Qt5, opensource versions of which are no longer available past 5.9, due to Qt offering/licensing changes. Those instructions you referenced REQUIRE offline installers being available for use in building Qt5, go look if you don’t believe me.

If correct, your second point only worsens the severity of the problem I’ve raised. You seem to be implying we’re unlikely to even see Ubuntu 20.04 for Nano regardless whether Jetpack v5 includes it. That actually makes the Nano Python GUI situation even more dire, because that implies Nano customers are stuck on Qt5, period.

We have the roadmap for Jetson platforms. Please refer to
Jetson Software Roadmap for 2H-2021 and 2022

For Ubuntu 20.04, you may consider moving to Xavier series and wait for JetPack 5.

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