Incorrect Camera View Matrix?


I am extending your point cloud code to a scenario where I have multiple environments running in parallel. Even though I used the exact same set up for each environment, the generated point clouds are not the same.

To be exact, the point clouds of the first env and second environments are 2 meters apart (see image below for visualization in open3D and pptk). I also printed out the points matrices and confirmed that they’re different.

I realized that this line of your code prints out different matrices for different environments. vinv = np.linalg.inv(np.matrix(gym.get_camera_view_matrix(sim, env, cam_handles[c]))) Shouldn’t the camera view matrix be the same for all environments, given that the setups are the same? I believe that this is the main cause of the issue

Please see below for my code which creates two separate point clouds for two environments. Please advise me on a good way to generate point clouds in multiple environments. (8.8 KB)

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Thanks for the report @yuan.truyenbao, I’ll take a look into this issue.

Hi @vmakoviychuk,

Thanks for your help! Did you have a chance to look into this issue and come up with a solution to fix it?

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