Infiniband state always initializing


Could anyone help me, please?

I have an InfiniBand network linking 32 hosts with Ubuntu 12.04 server, but one of them is not working properly. His state stays as Initializing, and never change to Active.

Which logs or info’s about my networkI have to provide, to be more helpful?

Attached my ibstat output, and I’m using mlnx_ofed_linux-3.1-1.0.3-ubuntu12.04-x86_64.


Bruno Mendes (389 Bytes)

Maybe this host is different from the others, same hardware, firmware (you are using 2.8.600 that is too old)? Try to connect it the another working port on the switch, swap the cables from the working hosts, swap the HCA’s between working and not working host. It might help to see if the problem is hardware or software related.

Thank you, alkx.

I installed the latest firmware in one of my hosts and network returned to work properly. Then I upgraded the firmware of all hosts and everything is working.