'State: Initializing' but works

Hi all,

I am linking 2 identical nodes with 2 IB cables (2 ports are in different subnet). I found the port 2 state is in ‘Initializing’ (till yesterday, both port status were Active).

Subnet manager is working. I swapped the cables but the port 2 status did not change.

Further strange things is that both ports are (probably) working normally, because two nodes can communicate through both pairs of ports.

Does anyone know what is happening?

CA ‘mlx4_0’

CA type: MT25408

Number of ports: 2

Firmware version: 2.9.1000

Hardware version: a0

Node GUID: 0x0008f1040399e550

System image GUID: 0x0008f1040399e553

Port 1:

State: Active

Physical state: LinkUp

Rate: 10

Base lid: 1

LMC: 0

SM lid: 1

Capability mask: 0x0251086a

Port GUID: 0x0008f1040399e551

Link layer: InfiniBand

Port 2:

State: Initializing

Physical state: LinkUp

Rate: 10

Base lid: 0

LMC: 0

SM lid: 0

Capability mask: 0x02510868

Port GUID: 0x0008f1040399e552

Link layer: InfiniBand


Do you have a subnet manager running on the 2nd subnet via port 2?

sorry, i am too busy to work on that issue.

I still cannot solve that issue, but please close that post.

Thank you eddie.notz for your response.


Both port 1 and port 2 status had been ‘active’ till then. (I did not apply any updates etc in recent and all updates are always manually installed to avoid any potential issues, perhaps…).

The second port status is still ‘Initializing’ but the port is properly working.


Can you please run the below and provide the output :

sminfo -P 1

sminfo -P 2

Can we close this post?