Ingo Wald talk

When will the SIGGRAPH talk, “RTX accelerated Ray Tracing with OptiX”, by Ingo Wald and Steve Parker be uploaded?

Soon, I’m told. They haven’t all been edited and posted yet, but they’re coming. In the mean time, you can find the slides for his talk here:



Any estimate on when the video might come out?

I’ve asked again and was told this time that we’ve now finished posting all the videos we have the rights to, and that Ingo’s talk isn’t going to be posted on the NVIDIA site because we don’t have the rights, but may be posted by the ACM or a 3rd party. I am sorry about that, I was also hoping it would be posted. I searched the ACM Digital Library and didn’t see it there. We’re asking the ACM for access. We might also try to record something new. I’ll post here if and when there are any updates. Until then, if you have any questions about the course notes, I’m happy to answer them or ask Ingo.


Thank you, hope we can get the video.