Install jetson sdk components must use microusb lane?

when i flash tx2 using jetpack4.2,according to user guide,i have to use micro usb lane on tx2 to flash os,after finished flashing os,i have to flash sdk components including AI,CUDA and so on,but shoud i have to connect the micro usb lane? as I know,this stage use ethernet,
can i remove the micro usb lane when flashing CUDA ?

For adding those optional components you are correct that you need ethernet. The step won’t care what kind of ethernet you use. For example, if WiFi were set up, then it wouldn’t care if it is WiFi, but wired should more or less “just work”.

The interesting thing about the micro-OTG USB port is that it is configured such that if you use a micro-B type cable (which is what is used in flash), then if the unit is fully booted (not recovery mode), then the host PC will see this as an ethernet adapter, and will be able to use this for ordinary ethernet use. In that case the host will see the Jetson at address, and the Jetson will see the host at address The host would be able to “ping”.

You could tell SDKM to install via address Or you could remove the micro-B USB and use whatever address eth0 has (see “ifconfig eth0”). Wired ethernet is faster, but probably won’t make much difference in install time.

You can use ethernet cable at this stage. Not necessary to use micro usb.

It is just a method for users who don’t want to connect ethernet.