Install Ubuntu without downloading large files

Can someone link me on how can I flash/install ubuntu on my TX1 without downloading large unnecessary files in jetpack?

The minimal requirement to flash is to use the driver package on command line. The package must also have the sample rootfs, so driver package plus sample rootfs are the minimum if you don’t specifically require the install to be via JetPack. Note that JetPack also requires driver package and sample rootfs, even though some downloads are automated.

I can’t find the tutorial regarding this issues.
As a noob installing JetPack is extremely difficult, and having my TX1 not working or booting with no preconfigured OS is like having a piece of junk.

Thankfully there are some forum discussion here about that video output problem. I reconnect the HDMI cable and found out that I need to login using ubuntu:ubuntu as credentials, and do the command line shown after I login. But the manual said that I just have plug it in and done.
Finally I booted it up in L4T.