Installation of JetPack 2.2 on Jetson TX1

Hi everyone! I was developing some GStreamer plugins on Jetson, and I have finished it. Now I need to try something with CUDA and I didn’t install JetPack at first. Now I am wondering will the installation of JetPack remove all of my GStreamer work? I mean, any of my settings and saved files.

Thanks in advance.

If you flash Jetson, the work specifically on Jetson will be erased. If you add packages without flashing, you’re safe…packages don’t remove applications you’ve written which are not direct substitutes for files the packages installed originally.

You can gain some confidence by saving a backup of your Jetson. A clone would give you the option of restoring a snapshot or simply having a loopback mountable copy for later browsing. Much information on cloning for JTK1 is the same as JTX1, see here for some info:

For clone commands specific to JTX1:

Thanks for advice. I’ll get familiar with cloning, it is probably the best way for staying safe with work. thanks again. Sorry for late response.