Installing blender on Tx2

I have followed theses instructions

upon setting up the build environment i had skip opencolorio openimageio and llvm
./blender/build_files/build_environment/ --skip-ocio --skip-oiio --skip-llvm

Now i need to configure those things i skipped to install cycles renderer.

How do i configure opencolorio openimageio and llvm for this l4t aarch64 setup?

I would imagine you could add those packages (and their dev version) and then recompile…haven’t tried.

I do see the existence of packages “libopenimageio” (and “libopenimageio-dev”), plus “openimageio-tools”. Similar for “libopencolorio”, “libopencolorio-dev”, and “opencolorio-tools”. There are also some python bindings packages…blender tends to rely on python, so perhaps those too are needed. Additionally, there are packages “llvm” and “llvm-dev” plus python related versions…it isn’t quite as clear though as there are many versions available for llvm.

Note: Don’t know which repositories these are in, I have all of them uncommented in “/etc/apt/sources.list”.

git cloned each skipped package then continued with the cmake build. sudo apt-get install of separate tools and dev packages will not make a difference when installing. i am currently running blender.