Installing cuda 10 in ubuntu 18.04 arm64 based docker running on AGX


I’m trying to install cuda 10 in a docker containing ubuntu 18.04 that run on AGX.

I successfully created the docker containing ubuntu18.04 and launched the container on the AGX but I’m stuck by the installation of cuda 10. I’m following this doc but I’m unable to get the linux headers at point 2.4 of the doc.

I made some research about installing cuda on a arm64 but found nothing that helped me.

Have someone any idea how to achieve this or can point me to a dockerfile that already does it.

Thanks in advance for your responses



We don’t support x86-based CUDA toolkit within docker on the Jetson yet.
But you can install an aarch64-based package based on the similar instructions shared here:


Thanks for the answer and the link !

We had seen this repo, and unsuccessfully tried it (probably because we are using the Xavier)

We also have tried to build an image from scratch ( but we hit the wall when trying to install CUDA (no apt packages for arm64)

Any advices ?


May I know the error when you testing the GitHub.
The sample should work well on all Jetson platform.

Since nvidia-docker doesn’t support x86-based container on Jetson, the way to use Tegra GPU is directly mounting the hardware node.
This is the Tegra-Docker repository applied.

It’s recommended to follow the instructions shared in the GitHub:
You can start with this script first:


I need to reproduce, and go through the steps once again. I will try to do it next week