cuTensor library for aarch64 and Cuda 10.2

cuTensor (1.2.2) installation package for aarch64 is only available for Cuda 11, although Cuda 10.x support is available for other architectures (e.g. X86-64, PPC). Do you have any plans to support Cuda 10.x for aarch64? I want to use the library with Jetson Xavier AGX, which currently supports Cuda 10.2.

I also require the same functionality.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are not planning on that combination of HW/SW.
Have you tried installing CUDA 11.x on your platform?

Some material says it won’t work

This resource says it might (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Thanks for the link @mnicely, it looks interesting. My use case is containerized, so I need to use NVIDIA Container Toolkit, which is tightly linked to host machine (i.e. Jetson AGX) through many directory and file binds including CUDA libraries. Manual upgrade of CUDA can be quite challenging in this case.