installing GTX 275 Drivers from NVIDIA

I am moving all of my software from 32 bit Ubuntu 11.10 to 64 bit Centos 6.2 I have moved the 32 bit PGroup c/c+ workstation software from 32 bit Ubuntu to 64 bit Centos 6.2.

I still want to develop in 32 bit mode - not 64 bit.

My question is which driver for my PNY (NVIDIA) Graphics Card GTX 275 should install in 64 bit Centos 6.2. Should I install 32 bit or 64 bit drivers?

Again, I want to keep developing in 32 bit.

Amy help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

THX 1138

Hi THX 1138,

I’m not an expert in with the NVIDIA drivers so for a definitive answer you would need to ask NVIDIA. However, in this case, I am fairly confident that you want to install the 64-bit drivers since the driver’s bit-ness should match the OS. The fact that your application will run in 32-bits shouldn’t matter.

  • Mat

I understand what you say, but I will be using the installed GPU for my executable and that means I should install the 32 bit version.? I am far more interested using the GPU during execution than in graphics.

Please also note that I am using the 64 bit CentOS system, but I am still compiling in 32 bit.

Thanks in advance.

THX 1138

32-bit binaries will run fine even if the driver is 64-bits.

  • Mat