Installing Jetpack 2.0 the flash OS never starts

I’ve tried to install jetpack 2.0 selecting and de-selecting the flash OS but the next window is always asking for Device IP address, user name and password and it executes just the post install process.

JetPack 2.0 is really old…is this intentional, e.g., you need an old version?

FYI, you can command line flash without JetPack and get consistent results. You’d need the driver package and sample rootfs. Do you have those for the version of L4T you want? See:

Thanks linuxdev. I specifically need a distribution of L4T which contain ubuntu 14.04 but I dont now what are the correct

R23.2 is probably the last TX1 L4T which is Ubuntu 14.04. You’d adjust for package names, but basically this will avoid any dependency on JetPack for flash (you can still run JetPack later for install of extra packages):