Installing JetPack on Xavier NX

One of our products uses Jetson Xavier NX and we want to run one of Nvidia’s AI demos.
For this purpose, we have to install the JetPack but we encounter a problem:
The Xavier NX module is equipped with on board 14 (or 16 no sure) GB SD card, soldered on board.
The Nvidia Linux system + our application are installed on this SD and consume about 6GB.
We tried to install the JetPack on the SD card but the SD became full before the whole package was installed.
So now we are looking for a solution:
The carrier card of the Xavier module contains an additional nvme SSD of 128 GB.
We consider:

  • installing the JetPack on the SSD card. But we don’t know if it will work from there since the system is on the SD card.
  • Installing the whole system on the SSD card. But we don’t know if it’s possible and how to do it.

Any advice ?


That content tends to all live in a subdirectory of “/usr/local”. Just mount a large enough partition there after using something like rsync to copy the original content onto the new partition. The old content will still be there once the partition is unmounted. So place the new partition there, with just the basic content, and only then install the extra software (which would end up on the new partition, e.g., an SSD partition).

Alternatively, one could migrate the “/usr/local/*” content onto a new subdirectory somewhere else, and then add a symbolic link to the new location such that “/usr/local” seamlessly points to it.

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