Jetson Xavier NX + ConnectTech Quark Carrier Board + MicroSD Card

Setup -

  • Jetson Xavier NX Module
  • Jetpack 4.4.x
  • CTI Quark Carrier board
  • CTI (ConnectTech) BSP installed
  • Deepstream 5.0 + Deepstream Python Binding
  • RTSP Camera via network
  • AWS Greengrass SDK

We are working with the hardware setup stated above. When we added OS and necessary SDKs, it basically took almost 15GB. We didn’t think it was going to install all SDKs, so we instead used microSD cards.

However, microSD cards aren’t as reliable when it comes down to read/write, but NVME or EMMC isn’t an option for us right now.

So I wanted to see

  1. If adding OS on Xavier NX’s SSD and adding SDKs on microSD card is possible or not
  2. If doing what the above method is better (more reliable at running Jetpack and read/write images) than adding everything on microSD cards

Would appreciate any feedback.


You can try the method here.

In this scenario, the bootloader will be still on board’s emmc while the rootfs is mounted on the external storage.