Installing Tegra API on a Nano production module


I have a Nano production module which has eMMC of 16GB. The carrier board has slot for NVMe and an SD Card. I loaded BSP on eMMC but when I tried to load tegra api (multimedia, cuda etc) the space ran out. what is the best way to install the api without using NVMe or SD Card for the root fs?


Hi caruofc,

Which JetPack are you using?
Please use SDK Manager to install the latest version JP-4.4.1 on your Jetson-Nano.
The 16GB is enough to flash image and install sdk components.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try and double check it. By the way, I am not using NVIDIA’s official jetpack 4.4.1. I am using the BSP made from NVIDIA’s jetpack 4.4.1 provided by the manufacturer of the carrier board.

Then please contact the vendor if their BSP is larger than NV official one so that causing this problem.