Installing Tensor RT and Cuda 8 on Ubuntu 14.04

Jetpack 2.3 includes Ubuntu 16.04 and L4T R24.2 My Jetson board has an OS flashed from an older version of Jetpack (Ubuntu 14.04) Is it possible to install TensorRT and CUDA 8 only and NOT have to reflash the OS since I want to stay on a 32 bit system.

I tried unselecting the ‘flash OS’ option in Jetpack 2.3 and proceed with installation but at some point it is unable to find cuda8, giving me an error saying I need to sudo apt-get install it and when I try to, the package can not be found.

TensorRT and CUDA 8 are 64-bit only, you will need to reflash with L4T R24.2 / JetPack 2.3 to have them working as supported.

I have ubuntu 16.04 in my jetson TX1 board and I am trying to install TensorRT 1.0 from source but the installation never starts. What should I do?


TensorRT doesn’t open source.
Please install TensorRT via JetPack directly. TensorRT for aarch64 is only available via JetPack.