Interface and drivers support for Continental ARS-408 and Aptiv SRR2


We would like to know if there interface and driver available for CAN based protocol for both Continental and Aptiv radars and how many radars can be connected to a single Pegasus AGX at the same time through CAN,

Can we also get some documents regarding time synchronization for all radars and camera , Interfacing custom radar sensors using CAN and a detail description on the pipeline and APIs involved in it !

Dear @rajkumar.palanisamy,
Did you check our DW documentation(Section Tutorials → Advanced customizations) to know integrating custom sensor with DRIVE AGX platform?

From the next DriveWorks release, it will support Time module providing the ability to start a Time sensor which will enable time synchronization for supported sensors.

Also there will be a Time Sensor sample (with source code) performing time synchronization with Lidar packet timestamps. The sample initializes identical Lidar sensors with and without time synchronization, and compares the output timestamps.

Hi VickNV

where can i find these source code and samples ? any particular file directory or link ?

As I said, it will be available in the upcoming release. But you can peek at the document page for some ideas.

For DRIVE Software 10 (DriveWorks 2.2), you can check /usr/local/driveworks-2.2/doc/nvsdk_html/sensors_usecase4.html on the host system for some information!