Interfacing with A2B bus on nvidia drive orin

I am working on Drive Orin developer system. While going through the documentation, I came across platform software stack diagram. I observed A2B interface in a diagram and I want to know how is it Interfaced it with any device? How it works? I am attaching the diagram for reference. Any recommendations would be helpful.

Dear @akshay.tupkar,
As clarified in Audio capabilities on nvidia drive orin platform - #3 by akshay.tupkar A2B is not supported on devzone releases and hence can’t be supported via forum. Please contact your NVIDIA representative for information related to A2B.

May I know what is Devzone? You meant development zone?

Devzone releases means, public releases which are available in DRIVE Downloads | NVIDIA Developer

okay. Could you please share the overview of this platform stack?How the communication happens between sensors and softwares? Because I could not find any detailed information in the documentation.

Dear @akshay.tupkar,
For camera connections, please see Camera Setup and Configuration | NVIDIA Docs

We have SIPL library to access cameras, please check SIPL Sample Applications | NVIDIA Docs for SIPL samples. You can also use DW camera sample as well to capture camera data.

Also see DriveWorks SDK Reference: Samples for other sensor related samples.

I went through SIPL sample applications. It seems these samples are meant for GMSL camera and not for USB cameras

For USB camera please see DriveWorks SDK Reference: USB Camera Capture Sample