Intrinsic Calibration using Driveworks for 200 degree FOV Cameras

Hi there,

I am trying to do some intrinsic calibration for my ocam cameras with 200-degree FOV.

I cannot seem, however, to complete all the global spaces for the parameters needed (x, y, size, skew) while minimizing the result reprojection errors (I keep getting values larger than 2, which I don’t is good enough to proceed to extrinsic calibrations).

Is there any particular guideline to do the intrinsic calibration for cameras with a high value of FOV?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Karthik,

  1. Are you following the procedures in the DriveWorks Calibration Tool PDF? If not, you can find that document in the documentation in your installation at /usr/local/driveworks/doc. The Calibration Tool PDF is available from a link in DriveWorks Tools > GUI Calibration Tool.

  2. In the Sensors window in DriveWorks Calibration, the Sensors pane has a pull-down field. For wide-view cameras, it should be “ocam”.

What kind of camera are you using?

One other thing. The 0.3 DriveWorks release notes mention this known issue:

  • Calibration for 100 FOV & 120 FOV sensors might not work accurately. [200303338]

Will next update resolve this problem?

The next planned release of DriveWorks is scheduled for early December. That release will include an entirely different intrinsic calibration tool that should help address your concerns.