Camera calibration using pinhole or ocam?


I need to find the camera intrinsic of my camera which has a fov of 120deg.

I have read the NVIDIA_DriveWorks_Calibration_Tool.pdf, but there is no mention of which calibration method should I use on this lens.

Should I use pinhole or ocam for 120deg?
On which fov should ocam be used?

Please advise. Thanks.

Dear yc563,

The current tools are with 190 fisheye cameras. Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

Thanks for the reply. Maybe I should rephrase my question:

In driveworks calibration toolbox, should I use ocam or pinhole to calibrate the sekonix 120deg cameras?

Hi yc563,

I saw “Select ocam for Fish Eye Lens and pinhole for standard FOV.” in the pdf. FYI.