[driveworks-1.2] calibration for camera models


i have sekonix 120 deg camera (SF3324-10X, NA1962, ar0231).

in driveworks-0.6, i thought that the camera model was pinhole at the time because i saw https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1017950/?comment=5186819
So, i did calibration with it using dw calibration tool.

in driveworks-1.2, i found this file :

is this camera model ftheta?? not pinhole?
it’s very confused


Dear sw_park,

From DriveWorks 1.2, we support only ftheta model for calibration. Thanks.

hi SteveNV

I think the camera model used in your sample_video_rectifier is ocam according to the linked rig file. i wonder why the source code was writen to dwCalibratedCamera_initializePinhole in RectifierApp::initCameras.
Don’t you need to use dwCalibratedCamera_initializeOcam?


Dear sw_park,

Essentially, what the rectifier does is to “warp” images from an input camera to an output camera. The input camera in this case is a (distorted) OCAM model, that is correct, however, the pinhole camera you mention is the output camera (which can surely be a different model one than the one from the rig), and the rectifier computes the map from OCAM->pinhole. In this case, an undistorted pinhole camera was choose on purpose to “illustrate” the rectification / undoing of the fisheye-lens distortion. Thanks.