How to use camera calibration tool in driveworks-3.0

I’m trying to calibrate the gmsl camera and our point grey camera using the tool provided in driveworks. I used our own checkerboard but the calibration tool said no pattern could be detected from images. So what is the requirement of checkerboard square size? Are there any other requirements like illumination, rotation etc.?
The images for pointgrey were recorded into rosbag, and gmsl images were recorded by sample_camera_gmsl app.

Hello WZhouuuu,

Please see file:///usr/local/driveworks-0.3/doc/nvdwx_html/NVIDIA_DriveWorks_Calibration_Tool.pdf.
Regarding checkerboard, please see page 13 in above file. Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,

Thanks for the reply!
Just wanna double check if the extrinsic calibration only support fisheye (OCAM) cameras not pinhole cameras? ar0231-rccb camera is pinhole camera right?

Hello WZhouuuu,

DriveWorks supports both. Please see page 67 in NVIDIA_DriveWorks_DevGuide.pdf. Thanks.

Sorry I think I need to change my question:
Does the surround view calibration support pinhole cameras? Obviously 4 pinhole cameras won’t cover the full range.

This calibration tool support 1, 2, and 4 cameras, is there any way we can calibrate six 100-degree ar0231-rccb cameras for one vehicle?



I got the intrinsic parameters with the calibration tool. Do you have any tool to perform image distortion using this coefficients?

I think nvidia has some sample code for rectification. But I actually didn’t get good result with the rig file. So I used Matlab to calibrate those cameras.

Btw, is there any open source code for NVIDIA calibration tool app? Thanks!