Introducing NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 10 Presets

Originally published at: Introducing NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 10 Presets | NVIDIA Technical Blog

All NVIDIA GPUs starting with the Kepler generation support fully accelerated hardware video encoding, and all GPUs starting with the Fermi generation support fully accelerated hardware video decoding through the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK. The NVIDIA NVENC presets design in Video Codec SDK 9.1 and earlier evolved based on various NVENC use cases, which have…

I can’t seem to find a compatibility matrix for Video Codec SDK versions prior to 11.0. I have 750M hardware and the last supported drivers are 418xx, but 390xx on NVidia. If I am going to create an AUR package to try to apply patches to the NVidia 410xx and/or 418xx drivers, just to find out that my device can’t support the Video Codec 9.0/10.0 functionality, I’m going to be pissed.

About 3 months ago, for the first time ever in Linux, i was able to stream using OBS and NVidia’s NVENC codecs, which for me is the difference b/w being about to stream with 0% frames dropped and streaming with 30% frames dropped … no matter what I do. Which is wierd because in 2016, I was streaming with OBS in MacOS at 1080/3500kbs with zero problems.

Please see this thread on the Garuda linux forum to understand what i’m going through to use my device. I have spent about 80 hours on this in the past two weeks.

Since the 750 desktop chipset is supported by 455xx, if I find out that there is no good reason that my 750m chipset is not supported by the 455xx drivers, I am going to be seriously pissed off. And from someone who just looked through all of the available function calls to find references to NVENC, trust me, I will know.