Invoking dmidecode 3.2 on BSP 35.5.0 freezes the system and then reboot


I created minimal rootfs with new BSP 35.5.0 using below command:

sudo ./ --abi aarch64 --distro ubuntu --flavor minimal --version focal | tee nv_build_samplefs.log

  • Ran sudo ./

  • Flashed the jetson

  • Installed dmidecode version 3.2 on jetson via “sudo apt install dmidecode”

:~$ sudo dmidecode 
# dmidecode 3.2
# SMBIOS3 entry point at 0x7b330000
Found SMBIOS entry point in EFI, reading table from /dev/mem.
# No SMBIOS nor DMI entry point found, sorry.

  • Invoked “dmidecode” via ansible playbook while running scripts . The jetson gets hanged and after some time, it reboots and the ansible gets stuck in “Gathering Facts” stage.

dmidecode 3.2 was running fine on BSP 35.4.1 I see one difference in /sys/firmware that dmi folder is not present in new BSP 35.5.0 as was present in older BSP.

Could you please let me know how can I fix this issue ?

Thanks !

I read in the above post to enable CONFIG_DMI_SCAN_MACHINE_NON_EFI_FALLBACK : Could you please tell how to do that ?

In files below, it is mentioned : “# CONFIG_DMI is not set


I set in the same files, “CONFIG_DMI=y” and recompiled the kernel with Is it the right way to do?

Hi adit_bhrgv,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?

It seems some DMI configs are removed in kernel config.
Could you compare the status between R35.4.1 and R35.5.0 and add them back?

Could you also share the full serial console log when it gets hang?

You can apply the following patch on R35.5.0 to add DMI feature back.

diff --git a/arch/arm64/configs/defconfig b/arch/arm64/configs/defconfig
index 9b4b26388b0b..941381e2e5bf 100644
--- a/arch/arm64/configs/defconfig
+++ b/arch/arm64/configs/defconfig
@@ -74,8 +74,8 @@ CONFIG_ACPI_CPPC_CPUFREQ=m
-# CONFIG_DMI is not set

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Thanks ! That fixed it.

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