Is cuda 12toolkit with tensorflow and nvidia driver 535 compatible on nvidia A100 i seem to run into issues


the above command returns and empty list instead of showing devices

my os is ubuntu 20.4

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also can you help me know what tensorflow version are supported by cuda 12 and nvidia driver 535 .

Yes, CUDA 12.x and R535 are compatible with the A100 GPUs on Ubuntu 20.04. You may want to double check that the GPU is visible through nvidia-smi. If it’s not, you may have a driver installation issue, or if it is you may have installed TensorFlow without GPU support or without the required dependencies.

If you want further help debugging this it might be good to post on the general forum, we’re not able to get into specific issue debug here in this AMA.

Thank you lastly one qestion like does running the code inside a conda enviroment affect the command output for detecting tensorflow also can you refer me a guide which i could follow for proper driver and installation with cuda 12 it will be great help for me.

One great option for you might be to use one of the developer containers from NGC that comes with TensorFlow and other machine learning frameworks already set up in a Docker container ready-to-use. You can sidestep a lot of the environment setup and get straight to the good stuff: TensorFlow | NVIDIA NGC

These containers are usable on both Linux and Windows. But, for a specific TensorFlow setup guide using Anaconda I am unfortunately not the right person to ask, you might check on our ML forums for more information or refer to the TensorFlow documentation.

unfournatley i cant use the container as we run our codes on virtual server and there are conda enviroment set up i seem to list the gou using driver 470 and cuda 11.8 also i can try it without the conda enviroment can you provide me some documents to follow to properly install latest nvidia driver and cuda 12 properly without the conda enviroment on nvidia a100

Jump on over to this download page:

Here you’ll find the Ubuntu 20.04 deb package, as well as instructions to get it installed. If you follow those, you wll end up with your system configured for 12.2 CUDA (paired with r535 driver), which is currently the latest versions released.

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