Is it necessary to create a recovery image to create an OTA package?

When creating a OTA update payload package, I do “” and then “”, but do I have to create the recovery image before creating the update package?

Do you mean step 12 in the document could be skipped or not?

If so, then no, it cannot be skipped.

Yes. I mean this step.
Thank you for your response.

Could you tell me why it cannot be skipped?

The recovery image and recovery DTB are used to boot the target device into the recovery kernel.

This means that if we want to skip booting from the recovery image and boot on the other slot of A/B redundancy in case of boot failure, can we skip the generation of The recovery image and recovery DTB?

Could you give me a reference on recovery images, if any?

I would like to know how and when it is used.

The OTA process is run under recovery image/kernel. Please just follow the steps in document.

Thanks for the reply.
I understand that a recovery image is required for OTA update.

Thank you.

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