Is it possible to change the max frequency with nvidia-smi?

I have two GPUs of the same type, and nvidia-smi shows a max clocks of 875 MHz (for both graphics and SM) for one of them and the other shows 562 MHz (for both graphics and SM). Is there a way to change the max clocks frequency, or is that in the VBIOS? I know of SUPPORTED_CLOCKS, but there is no MAX_CLOCKS or SUPPORTED_MAX_CLOCKS, or similar. Is there any way to change the max clocks? Or do I have to live with whatever is in the VBIOS?

The available clock frequencies that a particular GPU can attain are restricted by the VBIOS. I’m fairly confident you would not be able to exceed any of the settings that nvidia-smi lists in Max Clocks.

General methods to modify clocks on datacenter GPUs are covered in some detail here.

For consumer GPUs (e.g. GeForce) those methods may or may not work, and there are a variety of resources such as questions on these forums that you can use to learn various methods to adjust clocks.

If you’re using nvidia-smi for this, there is command-line help available for nvidia-smi.

Must be in the VBIOS then. I tried ac, rac, lgc, rgc (all as root), and none allowed me to change the clock frequencies, message was always “… is not supported for …”.
So I guess the 562 is all I can get then. It’s the one listed for max clocks, and the only one listed for -d SUPPORTED_CLOCKS. I think that also means there is no autoboosting on this card then, because the VBIOS allows only one frequency.