is it possible to configure RDS on one port of Mellanox MT27500 and SRP protocol on the other port?

I searched the community but didn’t find an answer, so have to post my question here. Hopefully it’s not obvious.

I am currently trying to set up a two-node Oracle RAC on hosts using Mellanox ConnectX-3 MT27500. Is it possible to configure one port of ConnectX-3 MT27500 to communicate with storage array using SRP protocol while configure the other port using RDS protocol as cache-fusion&hearbeat communication between Oracle RAC nodes? Is it technically feasible?

Many thanks in advance.

Technically, it is feasible to have each CX-3 port using RDS & SRP separately, assuming you ensured you’ve configured the 2x targets ports in the same manner .

Yet, I’m not sure it will work since you have to consider:that Mellanox driver provides proprietary ib_srp module that may conflict with oracle RAC RDS protocol (as far as I know - the coexistence of the two protocols is never tested in Mellanox)

you may give it a try and see if it works after all