Is it possible to run container of Jetpack 5.x on Jetpack 4.6 as host OS

I built some environment on Jetpack 4.6.
And I’m creating app that run at container from l4t-base:r32.6.1 (this image is Jetpack 4.6).
So now host OS version and container OS version is same.

I want to use some function that is enable at Ubuntu 20:04 from my app.
So I want to upgrade OS version of container only.

On PC, for example, environment of Ubuntu:20.04 as host os and Ubuntu:22.04 as container os is work fine.

But jetson is not common environment, I want to know about different os version between host and container is work fine, especially at container os version is higher.

Is it possible to run container l4t-base:r35.1.0 (Jetpack 5.x) on Jetpack 4.6 as host OS?


You will need to use the same BSP version between OS and container.


Thanks for your answer.

If Jetpack version is diffrent, is BSP version is deffirent?


Usually, yes.

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