Is it possible to set GPU slowdown temperature explicitly on Ubuntu 20.04 using driver v.470.57.02?


I’ve recently bought a Dell Vostro 5391 equipped with NVidia GeForce MX250 card. Ubuntu Linux 20.04 is installed on it. When I’m running some game (namely, X-Plane) or test (Unigine Heaven), the laptop switches off due to overheat after about 3-5 minutes. At that point, GPU temperature usually is about 89-93 celsius and CPU temperature is about 85 celsius.

I’m suspecting that there’s some sensor on motherboard that triggers overheat shutdown if temperature is 85 celsius or higher for about a minute. So I need some way to throttle down the GPU/CPU performance to avoid laptop overheat and shutdown.

I’ve found a way of limiting power explained here: But maybe there’s a simplier solution. I’ve noticed that nvidia-settings utility shows a GPU slowdown temperature threshold of 97 celsius. Looks like my problem would be solved if I manage to change this value to, for example, 83 celsius. The GPU would throttle down if it becomes hotter and my laptop will be kept from overheat and shutdown. Yes, this will reduce performance, but that’s a necessary tradeoff between GPU performance and laptop weak cooling.

So my question is: am I able to set GPU slowdown temperature via GUI/command line utility/configuration files?

Thanks in advance for your answers.