Nvidia-smi GPU target temperature / Maximum Operating Temperature

When I ran “nvidia-smi -q” on A2000, I found the temperature messages.

Maximum Operating Temperature:
GPU Target Temperature:

What are these differences?

I understand that
Maximum Operating Temperature: GPU clocks drop when approaching this temperature.
GPU Target temperature: GPU fan is controlled to target this temperature.

Is it correct?

Best regards,

Hello @Rei!

You are mostly correct. For GPUs with active (fan) cooling, you will see these (example) outputs:

         GPU Current Temp                  : 30 C
         GPU Shutdown Temp                 : 95 C
         GPU Slowdown Temp                 : 92 C
         GPU Max Operating Temp            : 88 C
         GPU Target Temperature            : 83 C

Clock throttling will happen at Slowdown temp, while Max operating and Target are the Min/Max values for the active cooling control. It depends of course on your specific GPU, but this would for example control fan speed. With newer drivers you are also able to set the target temperature (within GPU allowed limits) through nvidia-smi. This should also be stated in the documentation of nvidia-smi.

I hope that helps!