Nvidia-smi GPU T.Limit/ GPU Shutdown T.Limit Temp


The output of nvidia-smi has changed from

Example: Ref 1

         GPU Current Temp                  : 30 C
         GPU Shutdown Temp                 : 95 C
         GPU Slowdown Temp                 : 92 C
         GPU Max Operating Temp            : 88 C
         GPU Target Temperature            : 83 C


        GPU Current Temp                  : 39 C
        GPU T.Limit Temp                  : 50 C
        GPU Shutdown T.Limit Temp         : -7 C
        GPU Slowdown T.Limit Temp         : -2 C
        GPU Max Operating T.Limit Temp    : 0 C
        GPU Target Temperature            : 90 C
        Memory Current Temp               : N/A
        Memory Max Operating T.Limit Temp : N/A

Some other references I’ve found that have not answered this question yet. Ref 2 Ref 3

Not sure how to interpret the T.Limit values as they don’t make sense to me.